Construction projects are expensive.

Many things can go wrong—from cost and schedule overruns to problems with a building’s structural integrity—if a project is not properly vetted in advance. With Firmin’s pre-construction services, we apply our years of expertise and knowledge to judge a project’s viability across many different areas.

Conceptual Estimate

Determining whether the projected cost of a building is accurate and the construction timeframe is feasible

Building Systems Analysis

We analyze many factors involving energy use for air conditioning, insulation, and lighting, and recommend ways to improve energy efficiency and save money.

Constructability Reviews

Reviewing construction documents to confirm that the work requirements are clear, feasible, and achievable.


Undertaking a process of weighing various building options along a cost-benefit continuum to determine the optimum value for both initial and long-term investment plans

Firmin Construction Corporation specialties include:

general contractor, industrial contractor, industrial construction, commercial contractor, commercial construction, civil construction, civil contractor, plant maintenance, building construction, building renovation, drill shafts, foundations, steel erection, structural concrete, welding, quality construction, and more!

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