Team Members

At Firmin Construction Corporation, we owe our success to our dedicated and skilled workforce. Without them, we would cease to exist.

At Firmin, our employees operate as a team. That means that everyone pulls their weight and works together toward the common goals of safety, efficiency, and quality. Managers often find themselves with a hammer in their hands and grease on their palms. No one is too good to do what it takes to please our clients.

H.P. “Pete” Firmin III

Pete’s experience in the construction industry is the history of Firmin Construction Corporation. Pete graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. Pete is a problem solver with a positive attitude. He has fashioned Firmin Construction into a safety-minded, production-based construction firm. His unwavering commitment to excellence and core values, upon which Firmin Construction was founded, are a direct reflection of Firmin Construction’s everyday operations. Pete remains involved in all aspects of Firmin Construction and enjoys producing quality construction projects.

John Firmin

John, representing the third generation in the family business, became a member of the Firmin Construction Team in 2003. He is responsible for the design and drafting of our design-build projects, project management, coordinating field crews, and equipment management. John has the aptitude to comprehend project requirements and draft purpose-built facilities to specification. His experience in all phases of design and construction allows him to attain high levels of project quality.

Pete J. Firmin

Pete, representing the third generation in the family business, became a member of the Firmin Construction Team in 1997. Pete began working as a general laborer and took an immediate interest in learning all aspects of the construction industry. Pete gained valuable field experience at Firmin Construction while earning a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from the School of Engineering at Louisiana State University. Pete’s responsibilities at Firmin Construction include estimating, project management, coordinating field crews, equipment management, and business development.

Sylvia Tillman

Sylvia is responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of Firmin Construction’s office. She has over 20 years of experience in all areas of office management and support. Sylvia’s responsibilities include staff management, facilities management, contract procurement, internal project cost-tracking, insurances, accounts payable, and billing. Her incredible organizational skills allow the Firmin team to be effective and productive.

Firmin Construction Corporation specialties include:

general contractor, industrial contractor, industrial construction, commercial contractor, commercial construction, civil construction, civil contractor, plant maintenance, building construction, building renovation, drill shafts, foundations, steel erection, structural concrete, welding, quality construction, and more!

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