Safety & Quality


Our belief at Firmin Construction Corporation is that anything worth doing is worth doing safely and accurately.

Our commitment to safety is more than a promise. It is proven. Firmin Construction has not had an OSHA recordable incident in over 10 years. We pledge to continue to strive for excellence in everything we do and never allow any task become more important than safety.

All Firmin Construction employees and sub-contractors are responsible for safety. Prior to full-time employment, Firmin Construction personnel must pass a drug and alcohol screen and complete an OSHA basic safety training course. In addition to the basics, we expect our employees to understand how to safely operate the tools and equipment they use. We provide site- and task-specific training to help employees better familiarize themselves with potential hazards. Careful attention to safety is simply good business.


Over the past 48 years Firmin Construction has established a reputation in Baton Rouge of producing quality construction projects.

Quality is achieved by incorporating the right attitude, communication, systems, and controls:


We enjoy what we do and love the satisfaction of a job well done.


To make sure each team member is aware of project status and direction, we use the latest technology platforms to share information within our network.


We have developed methodical systems that coordinate labor, materials, and equipment in order to create efficient operations.


Frequent quality control inspections ensure all parties are held accountable for their work.

Firmin Construction Corporation specialties include:

general contractor, industrial contractor, industrial construction, commercial contractor, commercial construction, civil construction, civil contractor, plant maintenance, building construction, building renovation, drill shafts, foundations, steel erection, structural concrete, welding, quality construction, and more!

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