Download or print our subcontractors application for payment form

  • All invoices must be submitted to AP email address via PDF file.
  • Any other documents submitted to this email address will be deleted.
  • All vendor inquiries, including questions about invoice requirements, payment status for a past due invoice,
  • and submissions of the statement of accounts should be submitted to the appropriate AP invoice account..
  • Please contact your project manager for the appropriate email address.

Email requirements for invoice submission are:

  • Invoice MUST say “Invoice”.
  • No password protection or encryption within the email attachment
  • Supported file types include: PDF and TIF
  • Only one invoice per PDF file.
  • Multiple PDF files per email are ok
  • Any attachments with information relevant to the invoice need to be sent in the same PDF document.
  • PO number must be on the invoice. Invoices without P.O.’s will be returned.
  • Only one P.O. per invoice. Invoices with the same P.O. will be discarded.
  • Invoice number must be on the invoice.
  • Subcontractor invoice must put a description of service performed.
  • Subcontractor invoice must put job name and location.
  • Vendors must have the description of goods and quantity be stated on the invoice.
  • Vendor/Subcontractor remittance address must be on the invoice.
  • Unit price on the invoice must match the PO. Unmatched invoices will be held up.

Firmin Construction Corporation specialties include:

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